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Energy efficient lighting for your home or business

LED Lighting - Making brighter use of your electrics

Advantages of LED Lighting

LED illumination is currently the highlight of sustainable lighting and the lighting industry in general. It is by far the most efficient and one of the most effective lighting solutions available. It outperforms incandescent and fluorescent lighting, and offers unparalleled energy savings.

There are a lot of benefits to utilizing LED lighting for space lighting, especially in the industrial setting where cost effectiveness and visual performance are primary concerns. As LEDs continue to develop, a number of possible uses open up since LEDs are also easily adapted for a variety of design options.


To give you a better idea of what the advantages are in using LED lighting solutions, here is a comprehensive list of the benefits of light emitting diodes.


​Low Energy Consumption 
LED lighting has significantly reduced energy consumption without sacrificing functional efficiency and visual performance. An incandescent bulb wastes 80% of the electricity is uses producing heat and only 20% is output as light. For LED lamps it is the other way around – 80% of the electrical energy is emitted as light energy and only 20% is released as heat.

LEDs are also utilized for lighting control technology which contributes significantly to energy savings. LEDs are fully dimmable and are easily incorporated into circuits with a variety of sensors, including daylight harvesting sensors.

Long Life Expectancy
LEDs are also known for having very long life expectancy, especially when compared to incandescent and fluorescent lighting. A LED lamp can last up to 100,000 hours at full use, which adds up to 11 years of 100% usage. With 50% usage, a LED lamp can last for 22 years. This is a vast improvement to an incandescent lamp’s operational life, which is approximately 5,000 hours.

The LED’s longevity also allows for unparalleled cost effectiveness, since it reduces maintenance costs and the need for regular bulb replacement. This feature is especially useful if lighting is required for areas or niches that are inaccessible.


Suitable for any room in the house including Kitchens and Bathrooms to give you the perfect lighting every time.

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