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Compliance and our moral responsibilty

Environmental Policy Statement

Although R.Askew Electrical & Security Ltd does not have an implemented Environmental Management System to BS EN ISO 1400, we seek to achieve our business objectives in a manner that causes least harm to the environment and, as far as is reasonably practicable, achieves environmental benefits. The Company will comply with the Environmental Protection Act 1990, ensure that all its activities are sympathetic to the environment, paying particular attention to the safe use and disposal of hazardous materials and the control of emissions, noise pollution and dust hazards.

Our Aims

  • To seek to better understand the impact our activities have on the environment

  • To exercise the same concern for the environment wherever we provide services

  • To seek to adopt practices which lead to improvements in environmental performance where applicable

  • To conserve energy, reduce consumption of raw materials and to reduce waste

  • R.Askew Electrical & Security Ltd is committed to the reduction, and where possible elimination, of pollution levels and as an organisation we will

  • Avoid waste and encourage conservation and/or recycling

  •  Recycle Copper, Steel, Cardboard & Aluminium and have a waste management system in place

  •  Strive to reduce air, land and water pollution

  •  Comply with the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (CoSHH) Regulations 2002

  •  Administer the regulations; complete Risk Assessments & Control the use of potentially hazardous substances

  •  Reduce the use of hazardous or non-degradable chemicals

  •  Where the use of such substances is unavoidable trained staff will handle and dispose and take precautions to minimise the impact of spillage

  •  Protect its employees and the environment from damaging noise exposure as laid down by the Noise at Work Regulations 2005

  •  Plan & execute work so as to minimise the levels of dust arising from operations

  •  Ensure that all employees will be provided with suitable protective equipment

  •  Use its skills and influence to improve the built environment and to maintain the integrity and quality of the natural and cultural environments;

  •  Work with clients, suppliers, contractors, regulators, professional bodies and the community at large to raise the environmental standards of the industries in which it operates;

  •  Consider environmental factors when making business decisions;

  •  Use resources in a way that provides for future generations;

  •  Promote environmental awareness for its operatives & other persons under their control

  •  Review the environmental policy of the company, its procedures & performance.


Ryan Askew, Managing Director

R.Askew Electrical & Security Ltd

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