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Electricity can kill. How safe is your home?


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Electricity can kill.

Electrical safety after a flood

If you have been affected by flooding, once the water has subsided it is understandable that you will want to go straight back into your home and try to get things back to normal.

However, there could be damage to the electrics in your property, so before you do anything, follow our advice.

  • DO

  • Make sure the property is safe before you enter

  • Switch off the electricity supply at the fuse box, if it is safe to do so. If there is evidence of water inside the fuse box or if there are signs of arcing or overheating, seek professional advice

  • Unplug damaged electrical appliances and move all portable ones away from the area affected by flooding

  • Arrange for other services, such as gas, to be switched off. Electricity and gas supplies should not be turned back on until you have had professional advice that it is safe to do so.

  • DO NOT 

  • Use any mains powered electrical appliances in areas affected by flooding until advised by a registered electrician that it is safe to do so

  • Go near any exposed wiring. It may still be live

  • Start to clean up or carry out repairs until you are sure it is safe to do so.

    Electrical Safety Advice

  • Do not attempt any electrical repairs or connection of temporary supplies yourself – always use a registered electrician

  • Arrange for a periodic inspection and test to be carried out on the property. The registered electrician will issue you with an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) which will identify the condition of the wiring and equipment in need of repair

  • All of the portable appliances affected by the flood will need to be tested to make sure that they are safe for continued use, as well as fixed equipment such as electric cookers.

  • If the water damage to electrics is relatively minor and caused by clean water, i.e. a burst water pipe or tank, then it is likely that the registered electrician will just need to dry out cables and replace any accessories affected by the water (sockets, switches, plugs etc.)

  • If there is major flood damage to the electrics caused by clean or contaminated water, then it is likely that parts of the electrical installation will need to be rewired

  • When rewiring is necessary, ask the registered electrician about the possibility of raising the height of the newly installed electrical equipment, including raising the fuse box and sockets to above any future expected flood level

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Something not quite right?

If you ever smell something funny or can see smoke coming from an electrical outlet, turn off your electrics at the fuseboard immediately if it hasn't already tripped and call a registered electrician straight away.

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Electrical Fires

If there is an electrical fire, call 999 immediately and evacuate the area.

Never attempt to put an electrical fire out using water. 

24/7 Emergency Electrician

R.Askew Electrical & Security Ltd operate a 24 hour emergency call out services so we can be there when you need us the most, no matter the time of day or night. 

We won't leave you in the dark.

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