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Smart Heating

Hive Active Heating

Operated by your smart phone, so you are in control when your not even in the house.

A family of smart heating products

Always come back to a nice warm house, without ever having to heat an empty one with our smart heating products.

Hive Active Heating lets you control your heating from your smartphone with our beautifully designed thermostat. And if you’ve got a hot water tank, you can control that too.

It knows when you’re away.

Turn your heating on remotely when you are heading home.
Set schedules, come home to a warm house.
Save up to £130 per year on your heating bills.

Hive Products

Call us now, your local Hive Installer to see if Hive is compatible for your home.

Hive Smart Security.

With smart sensors and smart cameras you can feel sound in the knowledge that you know what is happening in your home, even when you are not there.

You can access the cameras in your home, from your mobile phone and keep an eye on you're pet, or just to get that peace of mind that is all quiet and as it should be.

We quote, advise and install.
R.Askew Electrical & Security Ltd are professional electricians who are qualified and experienced in HIVE installations. we can answer your questions and advise you on the best products for your home.

Hive smart products work in sync and can control your home from the touch of your phone

Hive Smart Controls

Watch the video for more information on how the Hive security cameras can work for you.

hive smart security

The Hive Smart Family

From smart heating, lighting, plugs, cameras and security sensors, Hive have got you covered. All controlled form one app on your phone.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss your needs. We are happy to help and if you want your hive products professionally installed, we can do that too.

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