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Ryan Askew Electrical & Security Ltd


Meeting your expectations


Our Vision


R.Askew Electrical & Security Ltd strives to be the best in its class by offering a superior service with regard to the standard of workmanship, knowledge, safe working procedures, practices and policies and the installation of quality apparatus. Electricity is an integral part of our lifestyle and a cornerstone for our quality of life.

Therefore there is a continuing demand for products and services to harness its use more efficiently while integrating and maintaining the older technologies with scope to upgrade when needed. This is why we are continually advancing our own qualifications and accreditations to ensure we develop with this market to be able to offer the latest products and services and environmentally-sustainable solutions for our commercial, industrial, agricultural and domestic clients alike.


Being conscious of our values, both individually and as a team, we are committed to:


a. Promoting the safe use of electrical energy

b. Being honest with our clients and with one another

c. Being broadminded, creative and courageous in the expansion of our capabilities, knowledge and skills

d. Being recognised and compensated for our abilities, achievements and advancements

e. Encouraging and exploring alternative forms of energy generation

f. Promoting the health and well-being of our clients, our staff and our environment


Our Mission Statement

R.Askew Electrical & Security Ltd has grown from a single man operation to a whole team of qualified employees after we identified a need in the market for a professional and dedicated Electrical Contractor that operates and provides a quality service which adheres strictly to the current legislations, the Electrical Safety Regulations under the registered governing bodies. Striving for excellence in all areas of our business, systems, procedures, policies and practices; utilised to ensure compliance with our legal obligations.


Determination, dedication and commitment from each and every member of staff, as well as a strong team spirit and positive duty of care underpin every action taken within our business. The health, welfare, personal growth and electrical safety of our employees and clients are of upmost importance at R.Askew Electrical & Security Services Ltd - proven by the continual training, the personal development of the knowledge and skills of our staff and our endeavours to educate and promote public awareness with regard to the importance of Electrical Safety and safe electrical work practices.


Taking pride in being a company that grows through success and client referrals, we see the partnerships with our clients as investing in our future. To maintain the full and continued satisfaction of our clients, we:


  • Deliver on our promises 

  • Provide quality customer service and advice 

  • Guarantee safe, consistent, economical, environmentally-sustainable electrical solutions


If we are unable to meet the stated need, we guarantee to take steps to enable rectification. After all – if you are happy, we are happy.


Seeking and developing new ideas, techniques and innovations with energy efficiency and alternative energy generation is paramount to ensuring longevity, not only in this industry, but for mankind and our planet.


A growing demand for alternative energy generation, rather than using conventionally-generated energy, has provided further possibilities for R.Askew Electrical & Security Ltd team to extend our knowledge and skills in an ever-changing world. We embrace this new direction as we move forward into the future and welcome the opportunities we can offer to new and existing clients.


Our Culture

We believe in:


  • Expertise

  • Respect 

  • Clarity

  • Customer Service

  • Quality

  • Precision

  • Accountability

  • Responsibility

  • Ownership

  • Professionalism

  • Organisation 

  • Enthusiasm

  • Highly-Skilled

  • Integrity

  • Visionary

  • Efficiency

  • Education



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