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Voltag Optimisation Sheffield

Reducing energy and saving money

Reducing energy consumption is key  to cutting bills, lowering carbon emissions and avoiding fluctuating energy prices.
To help you do this, a range of energy saving products to help you achieve your targets are available.
Depending on your needs, you can use multiple energy reduction solutions in a single platform, or individual specific solutions. there are intelligent commercial and domestic voltage optimisation units available.


What is Voltage optimisation?
Voltage optimisation manages incoming voltage and reduces it to a level more suitable for your appliances. In the UK, the average electricity supply is around 240Volts, which is high compared to other countries. Electrical appliances with the CE mark must be capable of working across a wide voltage range; anywhere between 207-253Volts.

How does it work?
These units reduce the voltage using transformers. Reducing the mains voltage to around 220Volts, a level that allows the electrical appliances in your building to operate more efficiently.

How does this benefit me?
Supplying appliances at higher than 220Volts, wastes energy. As well as getting larger bills and the negative environmental impact, appliances deal with the extra voltage by generating heat or vibration, which means they wear out faster.


Is Voltage Optimisation suitable for my building/home?
Every building is different, so the level of savings will vary, however any building that uses electrical appliances and lighting should be considered for voltage optimisation.

Checks should be made to establish the existing mains voltage supply level. Whilst the UK supply is typically around 240Volts, some properties could be lower and therefore voltage optimisation may not always be suitable.
The make-up of the electrical  load should also be checked,  as not all electrical appliances will benefit from voltage optimisation. For example, appliances that convert electricity to heat will not  generally benefit.

Single Phase & Three Phase Units available.
Contact us now at R.Askew Electrical & Security Ltd to see what we can do for you.
Reducing energy bills is an ongoing saving, protecting you from higher running costs while the price of electricity continues to fluctuate.


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Voltage Optimisation
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