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From design to installation and maintenance.


Sheffield Electrician


Trusted and experienced installers of Security and CCTV Surveillance.
Keeping burglars and intruders out!

Choosing the right CCTV is what makes the difference.


R.Askew Electrical & Security Ltd have a team of experienced professionals that can install a full range products using high quality and reliable brands. From external wired and wireless detectors, IP detectors, Laser detectors, Infra-red, LED Illuminators and white-light LED Illuminators. We can install your standard connection CCTV systems, POE (Power over Ethernet) and POC (Power of Coax) and they all their own benefits.

We offer  a no obligation survey so we can design and map the safest system for your environment at affordable and competitive prices while providing a wide range of high quality bespoke security systems.

Knowing that your home and business including everything in it means the world to you, we will complete the installation to the highest standards, leaving you to relax and feel safe knowing your property is under a fully tested and secure professional system. CCTV can act as a powerful deterrent against crime and will also provide valuable evidence should an assault or theft take place.


We can also supply, install and maintain:


  • Monitored and unmonitored alarm systems

  • Access Control/Electric Gates

  • Burglar Alarms

  • Fire and smoke alarms

  • Pet friendly alarm systems

  • CCTV repair & servicing

  •  Alarm system annual servicing

  • Security Lighting

  • Emergency Lighting


Covering domestic and commercial premises.


R.Askew Electrical & Security Ltd will fit your CCTV and set up your system so you can sleep safe in the knowledge that your business is secure.

During the installation of a security system it is sometimes necessary to carry out minor remedial works such as drilling holes into brickwork etc; we always do our best to ensure these areas are left as previously found with minimal disruption.


We are Part P registered with NAPIT (National Association Professional Inspectors and Testers) and qualified to BS 7671 18th Edition. We provide a professional and reliable service working to high standards and all work is guaranteed.

CCTV Electrical Services Rotherham
Wired V's Wireless CCTV.

If you’re looking for a  CCTV system for your home or business, one of the first choices you’ll have to make is whether to go for a wired or a wireless system. Below we lay out all the facts to help you make the right decision.

Installation Cost

While the parts for a wireless system are more expensive, the installation time required is a lot less than for a wired system (typically half). As a result, we can now install a wireless CCTV system for less than the cost of a wired one in most smaller premises.

In your home a wireless system is far more tidier installation. No ugly cables have to be fitted around doorways or hidden in plastic trunking and there is no need to drill holes through walls.

However, if your workplace has cable trays or suspended ceilings then the cabling/labour element of the installation cost will fall and the balance may swing in favour of wired.

Running costs

Wireless systems run on batteries, which we recommend changing every two years. These have a cost over and above the price of maintenance and the price of the panel battery used as a power back up for both wired and wireless systems. How much more depends on the number of detection devices on your system but it is not normally a large number and it is only every other year. Replacement parts are more expensive for a wireless system than for a wired one; however, all our parts come with a minimum one year guarantee.


Wireless alarms used to be notorious for false activations. However, after more than 10 years of research and development they have more than caught up with their wired counterparts. In most people’s opinion both systems are as reliable as each other.

Disruption and Aesthetics

This is a clear winner for the wireless system. No wiring means a cleaner installation. It also means a much shorter installation time (for most wireless systems we are in and out in under a day) so less disruption in your home or workplace. These concerns are more geared towards domestic customers, however. If you can plan your alarm installation to take place during fit out of your workplace or refurbishment of your home, we can keep labour time and disruption to a minimum.


Extensions to a wireless system are simple. We can install new cameras, programme them into the system and it’s done. Wired systems are more complex, disruptive and time-consuming. With a wireless system, cameras can be located in the optimum positions, whereas wired systems are often restricted by cabling issues. Again, with large commercial premises this is less of an issue.


Given that both systems are equally reliable, we advise the majority of our domestic and small business customers to install wireless systems. However, for larger commercial premises, the running costs and scalability of wired systems usually get our vote, especially if we can install the system during fit out.

Ask us about wired and wireless systems for your home and business.



POE (Power over Ethernet)

POE is short for Power Over Ethernet, it's a common transmission way for IP system.


POC (Power Over Coax)

POC is short for Power Over Coax, it's a technology based on coaxial video, coaxial control and power superposition. POC technology  transmits video signal, control signal and power in one coaxial cable.

Difference between POE and POC:

1-Different transmission medium

POE is transferred by twisted-pair cable, POC is transferred by coaxial cable.


2-Different transmission distance

The max transmission distance of POE is 100m;

Transmission distance of POC is more than 300m.

For POE, if want to transfer more than 100m, POE extenders need implementing into the system.


3-Fit for different systems

POE is to transmit network data with higher reliability, mainly used in IP video surveillance projects.
POC could save cost and time on wiring, it's mainly used in analog video surveillance projects.

And there is a new technology POE&EOC which fit for IP system.

Too much information?

If this has just complicated things for you, don't hesitate to give us a ring, we are here to make sure you get the best fit for you, your needs and your budget.

We will ask you a few questions about what you actually want to get out of your CCTV and after a quick site survey we can give you our best advise on which cameras and systems you will need and give you a competitive price for supply and install. We can even maintain your system to ensure it lasts longer and if anything goes wrong we can get it fixed.


Pyronix are award winning with their security cameras. Enforcer has won the PSI Intruder Product of the Year for the second year in a row.

Voted for by industry professionals, the total Wi-Fi solution has once again proven to be the best in its class and R.Askew Electrical & Security are happy to recommend their products too.

Protecting your family and home is your highest priority and that’s why Hikvision take their home security solutions seriously.

CCTV for an affordable price.

High resolution day and night vision cameras, High performance CMOS, smart IR with up to 40m IR distance, HDMI output at 12fps recording and smart search for efficient play back are just a few of the things we like about HIKVISION CCTV kits and that is just the HiWatch budget series.

Professional High End CCTV.

Hikvision are renowned for their high end security cameras with all the tech and all the features that stands them apart from the rest. Incorporating  all the modern tech and providing all the different systems including POC & POE an extensive range of IP, TVI, Audio equipment and a range of DVR's.


Only available for professional supply and install and only from registered suppliers but at Ryan Askew Electrical & Security Ltd we have you covered and are approved to purchase and install the full Hikvision Range. 

The range of EN Grade 2 wireless systems provide superior security with integral features that allow you to control your home from anywhere in the world using the HomeControl+ app.

Lifetime Tech Support | High Resolution CCTV | Day & Night Vision | Long range Infrared | Affordable Prices

Branded products

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