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Home automation and Intelligent Lighting Rotherham



Home automation is when a multitude of technology and software is brought together into a single control system. This allows one integrated system to automatically control another without you having to request every action every time.


Smart Home Cinema & Multi media rooms.

Think about when your watching a movie at home with your family. The doorbell rings, so you pause the movie. Automatically the lights turn up a little to illumiate the room so you check the video feed on your smartphone and see who’s at the door; you can even speak to them remotely. When you press play the lights automatically fade out as you sit back and enjoy the rest of the movie.


Smarter Energy Saving Solutions
Imagine the blinds opening automatically at dawn. If you open a window to get some fresh air the heating will switch off to save energy. Even have lights and heating turn on/off automatically when you enter or leave a room.


From Intelligent Lighting to Multi Media Cinema rooms and more.


Smart Home Cinema, multi media rooms sheffield
Nest Home automation
Smarter energy saving solutions

Smarter Security

You can schedule your lights to come on and off, even when you go away on holiday to deter intruders. Programme your front gates to open just in time for you to pull in to your drive without waiting or getting out of the car.


These are just simple examples of some of the smart capabilities R.Askew Electrical & Security Ltd can implement in your home by integrating together different technologies into a single control system so that your property can automatically control devices based on inputs and data it is receiving.

Our intuitive touch screen interfaces and SMART technology make it easy for you to control your systems. Check out our HIVE and NEST Security pages to give you a better understanding of how you can control your home remotely.


However complex your vision, we make it all come together in a way that is completely and simply,  easy-to-use.



Give us a call to discuss your needs and we can arrange a visit to map out your every need. Installing the highest quality solutions, precision planned and perfectly implemented. This is definitely the technology of tomorrow in your home today.

Orvibo Installer
HIVE Automation
Smarter security with home automation
HIVE Installer Sheffield
NEST Installer Sheffield and Rotherham
Phillips Hue Lighting System

R.Askew Electrical & Security Ltd are now installing the new Phillips Hue Lighting systems.

All wireless so minimal mess and we have had some happy customers so thought we would let you all know.

Check out the video below for more information and get in touch if you have any questions or would like a quote to get your lighting system installed professionally

Make your house, your dream home.

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